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Aktuella avhandlingar i Lungmedicin (Abstracts)

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Marianne Sundberg Kövamees 2017 Studies on pneumococcal polysaccharides and their eff ect on immune cells
Tina Heyder 2017 Between two lungs
Proteomic and metabolomic approaches in inflammatory lung diseases

Ericson, Petrea 2016

Potential biomarkers for acute and chronic rejection after lung transplantation

Smith, Margaretha, 2016

Endotoxin-induced inflammation in healthy human airways

Backman, Helena 2016

Lung function and prevalence trends in asthma and COPD

Forsslund, Helena 2015

Smoking and human airway inflammatory cells

Hagstad, Stig 2015

COPD among never-smokers - Prevalence, risk factors and comorbidities

Haugom Olsen, Helga 2015

Immunological markers and clinical characteristics of pulmonary inflammation

Karimi, Reza 2014

Pulmonary manifestations in smoking-related diseases. Clinical studies with emphasis on chronic obstructive disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

Frantz; Sophia 2014

Lung function in smokers
Aspects on COPD diagnosis and associations to atherosclerosis and alcohol consumption

Muala, Ala 2014

Diesel Exhaust and Wood Smoke Exposure: Mechanisms, inflammation and intervention

Unosson, Jon 2014

Acute Cardiovascular Effects of Biofuel Exhaust Exposure

Ostadkarampour, Mahyar 2014

Lung T cells in inflammatory disorders: An approach to interstitial lung disease, multiple sclerosis and smoking induced inflammation

Malmhäll, Carina, 2014

T cell subsets in Asthma and Allergy

Darlington, Pernilla 2013

Studies of Different Clinical Manifestations of Sarcoidosis and the Role of Genetic Factors

Eriksson, Johan 2013

Prevalence, risk factors and comorbidity of rhinitis, asthma and aspirin-intolerance in West Sweden

Sundh, Josefin 2013

Quality of life, mortality and exacerbations in COPD

Ekerljung, Linda 2012

Asthma in West Sweden – a translational study from epidemiology to proteomics

Levänen, Bettina 2012

Mechanisms of inflammatory signalling in chronic lung diseases
Transcriptomics & metabolomics approaches

Petersen, Marian 2012 The impact of nocturnal CPAP treatment on sexuality and closeness in patients with obstructive sleep apnoea.

Roos, Abraham 2012

Regulation of gene expression in pulmonary inflammation and differentiation: A role for C/EBP transcription factors.

Ólafsdóttir, Inga Sif 2011

Inflammatory Markers, Respiratory Diseases, Lung Function and Associated Gender Differences.

Forslöw, Ulrica 2011

Pulmonary complications after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

Silva, Ernesto 2011 Quantitative proteomic approaches for the analysis of human lung samples in pulmonary sarcoidosis.
Tanash, Hanan 2011


Clinical course and prognosis of individuals with severe alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency (PiZZ)